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Stay Relevant and Spend Smarter with Ascend’s Social Media Advertising Services.

Helping brands like you get better results and increase your return on ad spend and profitability with Social.

Unsatisfied with your current performance?


Seeking a partner to fuel sustainable growth, drive site-wide performance incrementally, and uplift your brand?

We harness the power of leading social platforms, crafting platform-specific performance creatives that propel success across every stage of the funnel.

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At Ascend, we employ a multi-channel approach to enrich your customer acquisition strategies. Our Paid Social team, committed to achieving optimum brand outcomes, adopts this approach to diversify your customer sources and effectively manage budget scaling. We allocate budgets impartially, prioritising your brand's consistent growth. With our diversified strategies, you can tap into new user segments, minimise performance fluctuations, and bolster your scalability potential.

If You Really Want to Drive Results...

...take your social media marketing strategy to the next level with a full-funnel approach.


Our Full-Service Paid Social deliverables include

Paid Social




Reporting &




We're dedicated to delivering consistent results, with our clients witnessing a remarkable increase in their ROAS and revenue within the initial 3 months of our collaboration.

As a testament to our expertise, Meta has recognised us as one of their esteemed Business Partners. This distinction is a result of our substantial annual investment in Paid Social initiatives.

To ensure transparency and comprehensive insights, we meticulously craft holistic reports for each paid social channel.

Supported by technology, we create holistic reports for each paid social channel using Google Data, Shopify data & Klaviyo 


To make the right decisions on your paid social spend, it’s important to be able to easily manage your trading, forecasting, operations, social metrics from a single platform. Removing frustrating spreadsheets or conflicting metrics, so you can focus on delivering the best possible growth.

The MOOT Intel technology was born out of a desire to create better results for our own ecommerce brands, ultimately finding high demand from clients with similar ambitions of growth.


The platform alleviates the operational challenges of growing your online store, allowing you to focus on what really matters - delivering the best shopping experiences, building your brand and generating profitable growth.

Paid social advertising offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional channels like TV, ensuring accessibility for brands of all scales. With precise audience targeting, it's incredibly relevant. However, it's crucial to recognise that paid social ads amplify your brand's current standing. If your product and website aren't up to par, social media campaigns won't yield the desired results.

Before you commit, we conduct a thorough Free Audit of your current social media and digital marketing strategies, as well as your website. Beyond that, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist to ensure you're well-prepared for successful paid social advertising. We'll be your guiding hand every step of the way.



"We've unlocked an additional 20% AOV and increased our CVR by +20% through actionable insights historically invisible to us in our previous data tools."

Ross Beagrie, MD

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